Let's Wander Where
The Wifi Is Weak

There are 195 countries in the world, and 7 continents, I would like to visit all of them before I die.

Here you'll find my favorite moments from around the world, the ups and the downs of travel. 

Life is about experiencing the wonderful, crazy world that God has given us

"Go Everywhere In The World And Tell Everyone The good News"

Mark 16:15

I am simply a 19 year old with an untamable wanderlust. I have traveled to different places since I was 9, starting with the dance studio I attended going to perform in Disney World, to cruises in Mexico, volunteering to fix a youth hostel, and taking a biblical arts class in Italy.

I have loved travel for so many years, and I can finally follow my dreams.

I am not perfect, I will make mistakes along the way, but I will share every experience right here!

Au Pair 2018-2019

Au Pair 2018-2019

Unterhammer Cafe And Hiking
Unplug From The World​At Unterhammer you get the chance to set your social media to the side, take a breath[...]
Pumpkin Patches And Raw Milk ATM’s
Southern Germany's Biggest Pumpkin PatchSunshine Pumpkin Patch.A family owned farm since 1959, their Philosophy is to stay innovative in a world[...]
Oktoberfest 2018 – Stuttgart
Table Dancing And Never Ending Wine....Oktober 7th my friend and I went to our first Oktoberfest. She is a part of[...]
My First Rugby Practice
Finally PracticingI had talked about join Rugby for months, but because 90% of the team is military I wasn't able[...]
Lapland, Sweden: Day 4
Camp at VassajavriWe may have gone to bed early, but we definitely did not sleep well.Usually storms are super relaxing[...]
Lapland, Sweden: Day 3
bridge over VierrojohkaThankfully I had figured out the best way to wrap my eyes so I couldn't see the light[...]