Master Keys

Live Your Life By Your Compass

Not By The Clock

In Haanels book "The Greatest Salesman in the World" he talks about how we can manifest anything into a physical reality. Meaning anything that we think whether negative or positive will generate a physical realty.

Starting from childhood, we are taught to think a certain way, and through this we give our creativity a glass ceiling, stopping ourselves from creating a future that reaches our full potential.

This way of living causes us to put our true happiness and authenticity in second place to what society deems to be the right way of living; a 9 to 5 job, 40 hours or more a week, very little "me time", the perfect body, yet still eat all the junk food in the world, talk a certain way, think a certain way.

If we can just get passed that, and really control the way we think, we will be able to create a future that is exactly what we want, the way we want it.

Take the story of the golden buddha for example....

When we were little we were allowed to have our imagination and to dream about being whatever we wanted, but once we got in school we were told to be "realistic" and to leave our imagination at the door and that being an astronaut wasn't something that little Jimmy could be because it wasn't attainable for someone like him.

 So we had to put our true self away and learn to be someone else, eventually forgetting who we are.

Around the age of 13 we are told to look and act a certain way.

18 we are a completely different person than who we were. We might still dream of being an astronaut, but we have pulled that dream down to simply teaching kids in school about the wonders in space, quietly wishing you could experience it.

Hiding our true selves away like this can cause us to lose our happiness and not be as confident in life because we aren't doing what we truly love.

 We can look in the mirror, see the person we want to be in our eyes, but only see what society has made us in reality, and the only way to change this is by changing the way we think about life, ourselves, others, and the situations we are in.

 If we think  negatively, we will attract negativity, if we see ourselves in poverty, stress, and worry, our life will be filled with those things.

If we take a situation and think about how we could change it to be positive and happy, we will attract positivity and happiness to ourselves.

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