Something that will change throughout life is your lifestyle.

The change of the seasons, your passions, the activities in your life, the daily stresses, all of the things that make up your schedule, make up your lifestyle.

How you live determines quite a few things in your life; your reaction to the world around you, interactions with friends and family, how you meet new people; it effects whether you are a happy person, a somber person, or how you follow or hide your dreams.

There are many levels to a lifestyle and they're unique to each person.

Lifestyle includes areas of life such as:

  • Relationships

                - Friends, family, significant others, the way you create relationship, how you handle Disagreements 

  • Home Environment

                - Cleanliness, where you live, the things you own, the smell of your home, the type of home you live in

  • Physical Activity

                - What kind of exercise you do -Swimming, Dancing, Running, Walking

  • Career

                - Does your job excite you, do you enjoy going to work each day?

  • Social Life

                - What you do outside of your regular day

  • Spirituality

                -Morals, religion, faith, and self care

I am only 19 and my life has had many changes to it, from being a little girl in love with dance, to a girl with celiac, to a teen trying to run 4+ jobs, to a health coach, to an Au Pair living in Germany.

Sure, there are a lot of things in the world that I have not experienced and there are a lot of things I will make mistakes on. But What I can do is write about my experiences and hope that it helps somebody.

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