It's dependant on habits and NUTRITION not medicine.

When it comes to health there are so many theories out there that we don't know what to eat anymore.

There's Mediterranean, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Primal, Paleo, Etc,. 

You see dieting and exercise goals all over the social media, there's tons of "tips" on what to do and what not to do that seem to contradict each other, and sometimes our brain feels like it'll explode!

Even with all of these "tips and tricks", it seems like nothing really  works with our body, and restricting ourselves at parties and Friday nights is rather disheartening.

Are we stuck being overweight or underweight, tired, and unmotivated for the rest of our lives?

What if I told you that your health is completely up to you?


One person's diet, is another's poison

Our bodies are constantly going through changes due to some obvious things: Age, gender, gene expression, height, body type, physical activity, diet, puberty, etc,. 

As well as a few things we wouldn't necessarily think of; Season, stress, social situations, geographical location. If you were living in Canada and trying to live a Vegetarian diet, your body won't be able to handle the cold temperatures and your body will be keeping extra fat rather than reducing the amount of fat, due to your body trying to follow it's instincts and keep you alive.

Then there is also our thoughts, what we think toward food, our bodies, and daily tasks and situations will be manifested into a reality, and only we can change. If you constantly think about how fat you are, your subconscious will accept the fact and not do anything to change it. But if you think about how beautiful your body is and you treat it with care, respect, moderation, cleanliness, and love, your subconscious will start pushing you to do things that align with that way of thinking.

There is also more to health than just food...

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