MKE Week 6 – Determination And Passion

I never truly understood passion until it hit me.

I thought I was a passionate dancer for years, I loved every single thing about it. I had invested 15 years of my life into dance. I know it backwards and forwards. 

I was good at it.

I thought I was passionate about teaching it, I love the children that I have in my classes. The age, their liveliness, their joy fed into my teaching and made it fun. 

I thought dance was at one point, my burning passion.

People Never Truly Understand Something until it happens to them.

In my DMP for years I had "Be and Online Health and Fitness Coach by ( Date Always Changed).

I knew for a fact that I somehow had to do that, it was a gut feeling. I had no idea what I wanted to do with it or how I would go about it.

Until recently....

I decided months before I returned from Germany, that I wanted to focus my energy on my Fitness certification. 

I enrolled in NASM, and have been focusing my free time of 3-4 hours a day into studying and understanding what was being said.

About a month ago my best friend and I sat down for a belated birthday lunch, and he told me the gym he works at was looking for another trainer. They don't have to be certified, they just have to be passionate and able to keep up with the job.

Over the next few weeks I had about 8 interviews with the Manager of 9Round. 

I got the job!

I have only been a trainer there for about 2 weeks. 

I have never felt so comfortable being uncomfortable in my entire life!

I have literally no clue how to do what I am doing, but it all seems to make sense and I'm just diving in and going for it before anyone explains it to me.

My boss is incredibly impressed with the speed I am picking things up and how natural I am at being a trainer there.

I have already made connections and become a well liked trainer there by new and veteran members there ( And veteran members know what they're doing, so when they like someone new...whoa"

Passion is loving every little aspect of what you're doing, and going all in without letting the fears of failing get in there and blocking you.

Going All In

I just asked my brother this morning, who does web designing and IT. We are working on building my website so that I can teach what I am learning and what I know and take it all ob the road. travel and help people physically!

It's all coming together!

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