MKE Week 5 – Action Thought

An Object In Motion Stays In Motion in the same speed and direction

Newton's First Law

You can replace the word "Object" with just about anything. 

"A Thought in motion stays in motion." 

"An Action in motion stays in motion"

Those are my two go to's when I think of my DMP.

Working at 9Round I am living out part of my dmp and my thoughts are constantly focused on moving it more and more into my full DMP.

I have consistently kept my thoughts focused and emotionally charged toward my goals these last 2 weeks, and without trying at all everything is falling into place.

I have learned how to make the MKE work for me, rather than me work to make it fit me.

These things have become a habit and it is propelling me toward my future self.

By keeping my thoughts focused on my goals, my actions are also following those thoughts. They are both in motion, moving in one direction. 

I am so excited for them to take me where I am meant to go!

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