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MKE Week 3 – S.A.I.D. Principle And Blueprint Stumbles

Lots of things this week!

Started school through NASM, had a blueprint stumble, refocused my head, got a position as a Trainer for 9Round Boxing. 

It's been an amazing week of learning curves!

^^Peep That Compass ^^

Starting School Again

Tuesday I started school to become a personal trainer, something I have wanted to do for a long while now.

It was included in my DMP before the start of this years course.

NASM is an intense course and I am loving every minute of it. I am making lots of connections between the course, my Health Coaching training and the MKE concepts. 

Seeing the connection between all of it makes me more and more certain that I am following the path that my subby and the Universe has created for me!

S.A.I.D Principle 

One of the principles that NASM teaches, is this:

The body will adjust to whatever demands are placed on it

My school is talking about the weight and training you place on your body will cause it to adjust and become stronger to progress to your goal.

You can connect this to the MKE!

The thoughts you put into the universe and your subby will eventually with time adjust your mindset, attitude, energy, and bring about the strength to take actions that align with those thoughts.

The body will get better at what it is repeated told to do!

Blueprint Stumble

This week was a scramble for my blueprint. So many things were changing for the better and my old blueprint didn't like that. 

I talked to my guide,  just telling someone about what I was having going on in my brain helped me to see a way to kick the blueprints butt and refocus myself.

I was so concerned about my schedule, letting it control me, that I was drowning in everything.

I now take charge of my schedule and make it work for me and my future self.

DMP in Action

I have been interested in boxing for a while and i took a class a few years ago and loved it. 

Did I ever plan on being a boxing trainer?

Not really, but it was introduced to me for a reason, might as well find out why!

A few weeks ago one of my friends said that there was a boxing gym looking for new trainers, no experience necessary!

I had a few interviews and absolutely love the atmosphere and the teaching concepts.

 I have been thinking about moving out to the East Coast with one of my friends, and there is a gym on 17 minutes from their place. 

I talked to the owner of the 9Round here in Minnesota if I got this job here if it is possible to transfer my job from here to there. 

Not a single problem at all! 

So I put it into my DMP, and though I have not been released, it was in the universe and I am already manifesting it because I start on Monday!


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