MKE 2019

MKE Week 1 – Do What Scares You

Reading through the workbook for this week, there is something I can't get out of my head that Napoleon Hill said.

He talked about how Barnes did not approach Lincoln with a wish, but a burning desire. He burned all bridges behind him, he didn't say "Oh I will just settle for whatever I can get here." He decided that he would take starting small and working his way up anywhere as long as it had a path to his desire.

Basically he just didn't pussy-foot around and he pursued what he wanted with his whole heart, mind, and body. He started where he could with an avenue to progress toward what he wanted. He didn't expect to become Lincoln's assistant on the first day, he struggled and fought for what he wanted and came out on top.

Was he scared? Probably. He never let it stop him.

There are thousands of reasons you can make up to not do something, but with a burning desire that is true to your heart, you can plow through and remove every single blockade or obstacle that confronts you.

That is exactly what I am going to do.

I replace the self expectation to be the top personal trainer for women's sports today and start at step one and progress step by step at the best of my abilities. I replace the fear of not being good enough with the knowledge that we are all equal in the universal mind from which we were created.

I have skirted around pursuing what scares me and simply finding different ways to make "something similar" work out in my favor. I may have changed my blueprint 3 years ago when I first started the MKE, but I now must changed it again to create habits and practices that align with my true desire.

No More Pussy Footing it.

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