Unterhammer Cafe And Hiking

Unplug From The World

At Unterhammer you get the chance to set your social media to the side, take a breath of fresh air, and relax.

The cafe is open Mon- Sat from 12:00 to 6:00 pm and Sunday from 10:00 - 6:00 pm. It is open year round, during the summer months you can find a seat outdoors.

You can choose from may different options of Coffee, Tea and home brewed Beer, and an assortment of hand-made pastries and cakes.

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The Wedding Hall is perfect for those looking for a historical, country style wedding. It fits 70 people and they spoil you with a menu of your choice.

They believe in individuality and will do the most to make your wedding reception as beautiful and unique as possible.

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Their Brewery ​​started in 2012, and started serving in 2013. They make their beer on site. You can book guided tours and beer tastings, learn the history and process of making different kinds of beer.

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Hiking Paths can be found all around the area. Whether you are looking for a full day hike, a few hours, or simply a half hour walk after a delightful lunch. There is a place for everyone.

You can walk through the woods and explore the German country side, or walk along the lake and feed the ducks and swans.

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