Pumpkin Patches And Raw Milk ATM’s

Southern Germany's Biggest 
Pumpkin Patch

Sunshine Pumpkin Patch.

A family owned farm since 1959, their Philosophy is to stay innovative in a world of large companies and high prices. They are always coming up with new and original ideas that make them stand out against the crowd.

People come from all over the south of Germany, driving hours just for pumpkins.  They offer Organic Pumpkins and their "legendary" hayrides around the local area, which is absolutely breath taking.

Open every Saturday and Sunday in October from 1:00 pm-4:00 pm, their hayrides are from 2:00 pm-3:30 pm.

First things first when you get here is to find your pumpkin.

What You'll Need:

1.Your Own Bag

2. Something To Cut With

3. Gloves 

Choose from thousands of pumpkins in hundreds of different sizes, many different shapes and colors. You cut and pick as many as you want, whichever you want. 

Then you go and weigh your scores. Their prices are extremely fair compared to the competing patches. Stash your pumpkins in your car and head on into the town!

Farm Shop

During October they have a farmers market where you can find homemade fabrics, foods, and products. You can try their sparkling wines and fresh made Macaroons.

Grab yourself a glass of wine and some homemade pumpkin soup or Chestnut Bratwurst.

Visit on a pumpkin picking day and you can find fresh Pumpkin Pie and Coffee all say long!

Group Offers

Are you an exchange student, traveling with a group? Traveling with a large group of friends? Visiting with family?

Sunshine Pumpkin Patch has group outings that offers: Guided Tours: Meet the animals and explore their farm. Shows you the honesty and confidence that the family has in their business.

You can set up an appointment here.

Happy Cows and Milk ATM's

The family owns 70 milking cows, they are allowed out in the grazing fields any time they want, and are milked daily by their milking robots, over looked by the family.

They are 100% Organic and non-GMO fed with produce they grow themselves. They know everything that the cows eat and how they are treated due to their cultivation and food control.

When they have  pregnant cow she is allowed in the open fields all through the summer, making her a very happy cow and growing a very strong and healthy calf.

The Raw Milk Machine. While it has been said for a very long time that raw milk is dangerous to your health, it is no longer true.

 The reason the milk was dangerous was because the cows were unhealthy, their living places was never kept clean, and they were constantly covered in filth that would make them sick.

With the way we take care of animals today we no longer have to fear about raw milk.

At the Sunshine Farm you will find a Vending Machine that dispenses liters of fresh milk all day long 24 hours a day.

Their milk is: 

- GMO-free

- completely untreatead

- not pasteurized

- fat content: ca. 4,28 %

Learn more about the Sunshine Farm and their Milking Process here.

Let me know how your visit goes!

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