Oktoberfest 2018 – Stuttgart

Table Dancing And Never Ending Wine....

Oktober 7th my friend and I went to our first Oktoberfest. 

She is a part of the U.S Air Force and so we got into the fest for next to free. They had a table booked in the biggest tent in Stuttgart, and the biggest wooden tent out of all the Oktoberfests.

When you reserve a table you get a wrist band that allows you to order 40 euros worth of food and drink.

Beer cost about 8.00 peer liter, and wine was 8.50 per liter. 

So that allows for A LOT of drinking.

In the whole span of the night I had nearly 3 liters of wine, they come in a 0.5 Liter glass. That was the drunkest I had ever been in my 19 years of life. 

We all got up on the tables and danced to random songs that we had never heard, belted out all the words to " Ain't No Mountain High Enough." and then stuffed our face with a giant meat platter... very German.

There were so many different kinds of meats on there, Some I had never heard of before.

There was Salami, Pepperoni, Some kind of overly fatty sausage... the kind that you could feel the grainy bits, but melted in your mouth.

Apparently there is more to Oktoberfest than just drinking in the tents though. They have all sorts of things outside the tents:

Game tents, carnival rides, food tents, more drink carts and little stalls. You don't have to have a reserved table in order to enjoy Oktoberfest. 

In fact, I think it would be better to walk around and get drunk from the stalls, you get to experience the entire festival, not just the music. I didn't get to go around and try out the rides, or the foods because we stayed at the table all night long. 

Next time I go it won't be with a reserved table.

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