My First Rugby Practice

Finally Practicing

I had talked about join Rugby for months, but because 90% of the team is military I wasn't able to join then for practice because it was always on base. 

I had a list of exercises that I did at the gym that were similar to what they were doing on base, but it wasn't the same feel as being with a team.

They are now doing practices on fields outside of the base.

I just had my first practice with them and all I can think about is the next practice and how much I love the sport!

Starting Out

We started out with a run around the track. 

I usually avoid running because it's my least favorite type of exercise, but I was excited to be there so I went all out on my run. Thankfully, I wasn't the slowest runner there and made it around without dying.

I introduced myself to everyone and then off we went, onto the rest of the warm ups.

High knees; backwards run; gates; over, over, under's; figure fours

Lots of things we did when I was in track.

With The Ball

Next we practiced passing the ball.

That is probably one of m favorite things to do. I am usually the absolute worst at catching balls, but these are underhand tosses, so they go toward the chest/stomach area and not the face area, so they are less scary.

After that we practiced offense/ defense. 

We had 7 people on one side as Offense and 6 on the other as Defense. We played it like this:

On defense we sent one player out, so it was 7 to 1. The goal was for the Offense to make it passed the defense. When they succeeded we added another defense player. When they failed we took a defense player away.

We also took turns kicking off, as that is what defense does, they kick the ball as far from their own goal as possible and then race forward to stop the other team from making it passed them and scoring.

This was my first time kicking... and oh my was it horrible!!

When you kick you have to drop it to the ground and then on the rebound you kick it. 

First time I kind of threw it at the ground rather than dropping it, so i ended up "kicking" it with my knee and not my foot, sending it right up into the air.

I will get better though.

We then switched and let's just say, playing offense in Rugby is much easier than kicking the ball.

Your objective is to get the ball and then from there you have two options; find a gap in defense and book it, or pass it down the line far from all the defense.

Rugby is fasted paced, but the rules and how-to make so much sense once you begin practicing it.

Practicing The Game

This was when I really feel in love with the game.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and it was great.

I was getting passed the ball, I was tackling, I was defending, I was making mistakes left and right!

It was wonderful!

Everytime I made a mistake I learned something about the game, I learned to stay behind the person with the ball, to talk to teammates all the time, to be ready to switch between offense and defense, When you're defending; to always look at the one across from you.

There were times that I would have the ball and my teammates would call out something and I would get so confused and end up just standing there and then they'd have to explain something. 

By the end of practice I felt really good about my progress!

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