Lapland, Sweden: Day 4

Camp at Vassajavri

We may have gone to bed early, but we definitely did not sleep well.

Usually storms are super relaxing for me, I look forward to the rain tapping on the side of the house. yet, when you're out in a tent, in the middle of nowhere, the rain was extremely loud. 

Again, I was up bright and early, and because it was raining I made my breakfast in my tent, which was a little concerning having an open flame in a small enclosed environment, but it all worked out!

Eventually we were able to dry our tents and start on our way. 

The next part of our hike was through Mårma Pass, it was an interesting part of the hike that is for sure. Thankfully we had some good weather after the storm and the walk wasn't to bad.

On our way up the pass toward the security cabin we saw a group of Reindeer, which was really cool.  We started to look for antlers as the hike went along.

About 2 or 3 hours into our hike it started to sprinkle rain again, but eventually the rain really started coming down, the rain made it harder to stay on the rocks without slipping. 

Thankfully we made it to the Security cabin safely, and of course the rain stopped when we got here. We decided to stop there for lunch and thankfully we did because the rain REALLY started to come down.

Sadly, the cabin at Mårma turned out to be less than good conditions. Claes said that the last time he was through the pass it wasn't in good conditions, and now it's even worse than before.

There wasn't any firewood left so people tore floorboards up, used the stairs, and even parts of the door. There was trash everywhere as well.

About 1-2 hours later the weather cleared up and it was good to head out again.

The next part of our journey was rather exciting!

We got to walk across an Ice cap. 

It was a really cool experience, one that I never really expected to have.

Though Claes did give Cornelia and I a bit of a scare before crossing, telling us all the dangers that could come along if the Ice Cap was melting. I definitely wasn't looking forward to the potential death that we could face.

Though, having made it across successfully i'd say I get bragging rights. 


After the ice cap we started to ascend the summit. It felt like a straight up and down climb over and around giant rocks. We took quite a few breaks, it was a very new type of exercise that I had only had a taste of on my second day of hiking.


After what felt like hours, which it probably was, we made it to the top.

If the other sights we had seen we breathtaking, the top of this summit was on a whole different level. It was like walking into a movie, everything looked so serene. 

Sure we couldn't see many things because of the fog, but it was still an indescribable experience.

We started to descend the summit and to do that we basically had to become little billy goats and jump between each rock. 

By the time we got down to a flat surface it was almost 19:00 and the sun was starting to set, and though it wasn't going to be completely dark, it was a long day and we were all ready to be done for the day.


We pitched up our tents, enjoyed a few hours of food and talked and joked for a while. 

We all headed to bed so we were ready for an early morning the next day.

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