Lapland, Sweden: Day 3

bridge over Vierrojohka

Thankfully I had figured out the best way to wrap my eyes so I couldn't see the light by taking my black long sleeve and wrapping it around my face. I was able to get a good, long night's rest. 

I woke up around 7:00 and just laid in my sleeping bag. 

I didn't want to move, not a single muscle. 

Everything was so incredibly sore, unlike any soreness I had ever experienced before.

I was not looking forward to the day off hiking whatsoever. 

Of course, it was 110% worth it to keep on going and not give up, this hike was an absolutely life changing experience that I highly suggest everyone try at some point in their life.

Because of Cornelia's knee there was talk of cutting the hike super short and heading back to Abisko where we started. Thankfully I had remembered to pack a whole bunch of Advil for emergencies. I gave some to Cornelia and it helped her quite a bit, so we were good to go for a few hours!

We then headed through Bessesvagge, personally, I never would have found the trail, but Claes is a mad genius when it comes to trail finding and we were able to find it, only losing it once or twice.

There was definitely an abundance of bushes and other wicked vegetation that tore at our feet, and occasionally at our faces. The was probably a solid 30-40 minutes of us walking through large bushes and trying not to lose an eye.


There was only one time that we really lost the trail.

We were walking through the woods and following a trail app that Claes had, it said we were on the trail, but the thing was, we were 100 meter below the trail walking with the trail.

Claes went to see if he could find the trail by going up the small waterfall that we had decided to take a break next to.

When he got back to us he had found the trail, so we packed up our thing and started the trek up the waterfall, which thankfully only took 25-30 minutes!

Cornelia taking a moment to celebrate surviving the climb up the waterfall, by laying in the waterfall.

We started walking for what felt like forever. I had run out of water because it had been so hot earlier and we thought there would be water close. All I could think about was how dehydrated I felt.

Even though I wanted water, I still took the time to enjoy the views around us. We were heading towards the bridge over Aliseatnu and then crossed over to the south side.


Thankfully around 17:00 Claes finally told us we had mad it to  our next campsite at the western shore of Vierrojohka.

We crossed the bridge and set up next to the roaring river. Trying to ignore the freezing cold of the glacier water we all took the chance to clean up and drink a whole lot of water.

Then setting up camp and having dinner down by the little pebble beach, starting a small fire to fend off the mosquitoes that appeared when the wind went down.

Claes told us we needed to head out earlier the next day than we have been, because Mårma pass would be a slow and hard trek.  So it was another early night!

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