Lapland Sweden: Day 1

Stockholm To Kiruna 

What an experience! I would like to take a moment to give a HUGE shout out to my friend and hiking guide Claes Wallenberg, the Off The Grid Hiker

We first got on a train in Stockholm to Kiruna where we would take a train to Abisko, the start of our hike. Though timing didn't work out and we were in Kiruna for 3-4 hours before heading to Abisko.

I am glad we had a little time in Kiruna, it gave Cornelia and I a chance to walk around and sight-see a little, sure Kiruna is a small village, but it is still fun to walk around a place you've never been.

There wasn't much to the town, but the view of the mountains was enough for me to get excited for the week to come!

Kiruna To Abisko

When we got to Abisko we texted our loved ones a long "see ya later" because where we were going was "OFF THE GRID;)"

Cornelia and I were excited and had no idea what was to come. 

The weather in Sweden was unusually warm, so about an hour into our hike we were dying for some water. The great thing about the mountains in Lapland, is that running water usually means you don't have to worry to much about pollution from anything other than animals. 

Drinking the cold, fresh water was one of the most pleasant and soothing feelings in the world. So much better than the tap water you get in the cities. 

Poor Cornelia was struggling with the heat.

She is possibly the first person I have met who absolutely loves the snow and cold weather. Everytime we stopped for water she would basically bathe herself in the ice cold water. 


Almost right away we started to see what the terrain for the next week would be like. We stated hopping from giant stone to giant stone. 

With our backpacks averaging about 25-30 pounds, jumping between stones was a rather new and difficult task, but after about an hour we started to get the hang of it, only slipping up a couple of times.

Being that it was a difficult landscape, the first day or a long hike, as well as my first ever long-term hike; we took longer than the distance normally would take, and arrived at our first campsite four hours after we started.

After pitching up our tents, we enjoyed our first dinner together and then snuggled down into our sleeping bags.

Only...sleep did not come easy to me. 

I knew that Sweden was known for being "The Land Of The Midnight Sun," So I had made sure to bring along something to wrap around my eyes.

 I woke up after what felt like hours and realized it was rather bright out, so I started to pack up my stuff, only to look at my phone and realize it was 2:00 AM!!!

2:00 Am - Lapland, Sweden

Needless to say, I definitely went back to sleep for a few hours.

I'd have to say my first day hiking was a success and fueled my enthusiasm for what the next week would bring!

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