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Kaua’i: Top 3 Things To Do

Personal Experience

My family and I have been to Kaua'i before, and last time we stayed in a room that was infested with mold, and me being highly allergic to mold, didn't get to experience a whole lot of the Island.


I refuse to be ill this time around!

Last time there were a few things I remember going to first and when we got off the plane we went to those places again, and it was better than I remembered it being!

Street Burger

After 42 hours of being awake, 13+ hour day of airports/flights and an almost 7 hour flight from Phoenix, AZ to Lihue, Kaua'i, and having any real food, we were starving.

What better place to go eat than Street Burger!

Why Street Burger? What makes it so amazing?

3 Main things:

1) The Atmosphere is great. Sitting on the back porch you can see the sleeping giant and a beautiful view of the mountains and trees.

2) The Wait Staff has a personality that makes you want to sit and stay for hours, (Causing you to want to order a few drinks and extra fries while you chat with the servers.) 

When you walk in you are greeted by a hostess who's charismatic personality alone makes you fall in love with the place. The waiters and waitresses are well informed on the menu and most times answer your questions as if they have gotten it a thousand times before!

3) The Food. Oh man, the food is to die for! They supply handcrafted, locally-sourced burgers, hand cut fries, and a list of local wines.

There menu is full of unique items that will have you asking for more!

My favorites are the Crudo and Greek burger, but you can check out their menu here for more options


ahi*, sicilian olive, burnt orange, maui onion, red chili, bottarga.

Mouthwatering, Highly recommended

My Mothers Thoughts " Yummy!!! Wish it had been bigger, but also glad that it wasn't because the meal was huge! It was cice and light, springy with the pea shoots on top. The citrus from the burnt orange gave it a delightful addition that made the dish special.

Greek Burger

olive tapenade, feta, cucumber, tzatziki, spinach.

They are really good about making sure those with allergies can eat there as well. So I was able to sub everything that had gluten for the amazing salads and homemade sauces!

Kauai Juice Co.

Even if you're not a health nut like me, Kauai Juice should be on our list.

They have drinks from coffee, to Kombucha, Cold pressed fruits, to elixir shots!

 It's all organic and 95% of the ingredients are grown right here on the island. 

The drinks are high quality and fresh daily.

I highly recommend the Avatar, Black Pearl, and the Adaptogen.

The Avatar is made from blue majik (Spirulina), coconut water, pineapple, chia seed.

 It is bright blue because of the Majik, there are no added colors or flavors in any of these drinks which make them so unique and amazing!

This is my absolute favorite drink and it sells out quickly, the first day here I went to get one and it was gone, and once its out they don't make more till the next day so they don't have old drinks for the next day.

The Black Pearl is a coffee based drink with: coconut meat. cacao. cold brew coffee. coconut nectar. reishi spores. pearl. vanilla.

I know what you're thinking...

"Reishi spores?"

Yes, there are mushrooms in this drink, but you honestly do not taste them. The Black Pearl tastes like a chocolate coffee shake you would get at a coffee shop, but like 100x better!

@KauaiJuiceCo Instagram

The Adaptogen is made with almonds, dates, ashwagandha, chaga, tocotrienols, schisandra, tahitian vanilla, cinnamon, himalayan salt

It is full of Adaptogens, which help mitigate the stress response. They help us stick to things, balance, connect, react, plan and execute. It helps us perform under stress. 

This is one of my favorites because the flavor is rather unique, I wish I knew how to explain it, you'll just have to try it out yourself!

Queen's Bath, Princeville

Queens bath is a great place to swim and tan on the rocks. It is also a great place to climb rocks and explore new places.

There is a little cliff that people love to jump or dive off of, it's not a crazy jump, maybe 8-10 feet high, but who's gunna pass up jumping into this beaut!

If you are up for a hike, this is totally worth it!

It's a wee bit muddy, and you will 100% slip all over the place. Unless you're lucky enough to go on a dry day.

Whatever you do, DO NOT WEAR WHITE! It will not survive the hike.

The hike is very humbling. I have been in dance for 15  years and have pretty good balance, but that means absolutely nothing when you get onto that trail. I slipped and fell about 15 times. On my way back up I totally became one with the mud and started a mud fight. 

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