MKMMA Week 16: Life Is Growth, Growth Is Change

Life is change and change is growth

The Law of Periodicity:

Life has periods of change, each period lasts for roughly seven years. We start in the Infancy period, this is where we start to create our mental pathways. We are creating habits: how we move, personality ticks, words we say, how we make decisions, etc.

Our parents teach us how to speak, how to have manners, they teach us how to dress ourselves. They are the ones who teach us how to survive in the world. They teach us how to love, and that to love someone it means forgiveness and service to others

But something they aren’t aware that they teach us, is that life can be hard. When they come home from work and feel exhausted, and as little kids we see this. We see what it is like to come home from a long day at work and feel run down and lost. We might not understand it at that time, but our subconscious mind keeps that memory in the back of our minds and it creates the thoughts in our head that tell us that this is what life is going to be like.

In this period we are being prepared for our first layer of cement that society will put upon us.

Next is the Childhood period. This is when our physical bodies are making big changes. In this stage of life we are sent off to school and we learn different things that our parents hadn’t taught us. We meet people that we have never met before, we are introduced to so many different styles of thinking that we can become overwhelmed in moments. We also become susceptible to the influences, good or bad, of our new friends, of our family, and our newest teachers.

We are introduced to more than just the subjects the schools offer. We are introduced to society. Society can be corruptive for a young child mind, it likes to teach us that there is only one “correct” way of thinking and the only way to be successful in life is to get good grades and a 4.0. We are told that our dreams of being an astronaut, a ballerina, or an author are very unlikely, unrealistic and we need to be less exotic in our career choice, our future should revolve around a 9 to 5 lifestyle and our dreams can be rare occasion hobbies.

This covers us in our first layers of cement.

Next is the Adolescence period. Our bodies and minds are going through a different kind of change, a hormonal change. We again are highly influenced by others. We are pressured into thinking that that we have to chose one career for the rest of our lives. We aren’t told that changing our career, schooling, or area of expertise is an option at any point in life.

For example, I started out seeing myself as a dance teacher, for 5 years I told people that is what I was going to be. In 7th grade I was a student teacher and I am now an assistant teacher and though I love it, it doesn’t fill me with the same joy as I thought it would, so I moved on to being a health coach. Now, I love learning about health ​

and I can talk, talk, talk your ear off about nutrition all day long, but catering my life to other peoples schedule wasn’t something I really wanted to do. When I really thought about what I loved doing in life I realized I’ve always enjoyed writing and I could talk about all the things I have learned, and take it on the road.

I am now a freelance writer, writing when I want, how I want, and where I want.

But our teachers, elders, and family members who have all hidden away their true selves in their cement, have told us time and time again, “College is the only way to get a good, steady job and be successful,” we have to pick a career, and we have to do the same thing every day for the next 40 to 50 years (possibly longer.)

Next is the Decline period. We are living out the career we’ve chosen, there are a few of us who are truly enjoying what we chose, but there are still many of us dreaming about what we’ve buried deep within ourselves, wondering what it would be like if we had taken that opportunity right out of high school, what it would be like to quit our job and just live the life we want.

From here people have the choice to change their life, their way of thinking. They know something is wrong, because when they think about what they love, what they want in life, and they take a moment to see it in their mind and live it for a few brief moment, they feel something missing when they return to their reality.

Most people let that cement harden, even pouring more over themselves, because they’re so afraid of failure that they refuse to let themselves even think about their passions as anything more than a hobby, they can tell they are doing something wrong, but they are so used to “fitting in” that it is suffocating them.

Next is the period that many strive for, but is only achieved by a few. The Reconstruction/Harmony period. This is when we finally see that the cement isn’t saving us from failure, it is keeping us from success. This is when we have taken that step to being in harmony with the universal world, the world within, and with God.The great thing about this period is that we can reach it at any stage in life.

By surrounding ourselves in only those who will motivate us, the things that we desire, and with thoughts that are positive and in line with the universal mind we are able to break free from the cement and live life as our true selves.

When we reach this period we are seeing our desires with clarity, we are constantly creating thoughts that are geared only toward the success of our desires, this is when we have accepted our true selves and acknowledged the fact that we aren’t normal. Normal is just a word that society uses to label those who conform to their ways.

We are unique, we are vibrant, we are living!


People have developed this idea about wealth, that it is connected to power and greed. Many people see that kind of power as corruptive, if your work and goals are based on a dollar sign only and has no connection to the world within or being in service with others, wealth is then greedy and has attached to it corruptive thoughts.

Thoughts that have been corrupted with negativity and greed create the want for a larger accumulation of “things”, rather than wealth.

There are a few people who have an understanding of what wealth truly is. It is simply a means of exchange for labor, the value of wealth consists in it’s exchange, not in it’s profitability.

In order to become successful we must change our views of what success means. We are preconditioned to believe that success is the ability to accumulate money, and while that is a part of it, that’s not what it revolves around.

To be successful we have to see success in a different way. We need to see it as our ability to pursue the higher ideals that we have set for ourselves and live in harmony with the world within, and know that failure isn’t what stands in our way, it is the failure to get back up and learn from the mistakes that defeats us.

By living by these ideals our labors will be exchange for what we need to further ourselves and our business, not just for the material wealth that the world has told us to pursue.

Desires and Ideals:

Manifesting our desires and ideals requires us to have spiritual power(Creative Thought). Envision yourself there, living and breathing in your desires, hear, smell, taste, touch, and see what it is like to achieve your burning desire, see it with such clarity that failure isn’t a possibility.

To be successful you need to see your vision in perfect clarity, we create our own mental images through our interior processes regardless of exterior conditions. We control our mind, body soul, and destiny through exercising the power of thought. Our thoughts depend upon the result of form, quality and vitality.

Form is dependent upon the mental images that we create. It depends on the depth of the impression the image creates on our mind, the strength of the idea we create, the clarity, and the boldness of the vision.
~Master Keys 16.19

Quality depends upon its substance, the material that it composed of in the mind. If this material has been woven with thoughts of vigor, strength, courage, determination, the thought will possess these qualities.
~Master Keys 16.20

Vitality depends upon the feeling the thought is impregnated with. If thought is constructive, it will have vitality, it will have life, it will grow develop, and expand. It will be creative and attract to itself everything that is necessary for its complete development.
~ Master Keys 16.21

The only way we can destroy our success is deconstructive thought, it will close off all possible ways to achieve our desires and live in harmony and joy. If you allow even one, single deconstructive thought you will be signing your desires away and you will fail.

We cannot depend upon the materials of this world to achieve and sustain our dreams, we have to have harmony and happiness for they are states of consciousness. We must change our mental attitude to one that aligns with the mental attitude of our future self who has acquired what we now desire.

The realization of our spiritual nature and our understanding of the connection we have with the universal mind creates this mental attitude.

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