The study of learning about the world through wandering to new and unknown places.

A perfect concoction of Wanderlust and Philology.

God has given us an amazing and wide world to explore and discover, there are so many things we can learn from the people we meet, the creations in this world, and from ourselves when we are put into new situations that push us outside of our comfort zone.

Come along with me on a journey to wander the world and learn. 

I love trying new things and learning all the fun, quirky, crazy little ins and outs of the topic.

When you travel, try new things, live in the moment, experience another culture; you learn so much about life in general.

I want to share what I learn with you and reflect on it together. I welcome you to comment and share your experiences and thoughts.

If there is a topic you are wanting to learn about, go ahead and contact me and we can learn together!

Life is flying by, we are into a whole new decade!

I urge you to go out, do something anything. It can be in the next town over or all the way on the other side of the world.

Who knows what you will discover!

I've already been met with so many blessings this 2020 year, it's been eye opening, heart warming, a little heart breaking, but all in all I couldn't be happier with life. Did I have a little mental breakdown over the fact the my school's website is completely disorganized and impossible to understand? (Outsider thoughts as well @theprimallifestyleguide ) Yes, yes I did... But I made it work and have been successful with it so far.

I'm not going to plan every second out of my future, but I'm finally in a place to put it into action and create the future God has laid down for me❤️ #SelfLove #2020Vision #GoalSetting #Goal #2020 #ARO2020 #Blessed #EyeOpening #HeartWarming #HeartBreak #Future #ILove #GodShowsUp #BathTime

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So 2020, the year of self, right?

I started doing this new thing (a few weeks before New year's) and have continued it everyday since.
I have loved every minute and have found I have become happier and I know myself better by doing so.

I spend 1 hour every morning, no matter how early it has to be (occasionally 3/4am) and just talked to God and talked to myself. (Yeah, out loud)
•Bible verses
•Quotes I made up for myself. 1 hour of personal positivity without any distractions (aka no cellular devices)
Without any force or intention I have started doing things daily to take care of myself, make decisions for my future self, set aside time for my life. All because of this 1 hour change in my day.

Thank you for all the people who have been supportive of my change for self love, it's much appreciated ❤️ Mushy gushy, over and out ✌️

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My heart❤️❤️ Went through my memory box and found this gem.
Back in 2014 I was given an amazing opportunity to study Biblical Arts in Italy with @bryancollege

We went to so many amazing places and I will always hold Italy close to my heart.
But my absolute favorite experience from that trip was every memory created with the beautiful and amazing people who attended as well.
I had 5 wonderful roommates and learned so much from everyone there.

I haven't talked to a lot of them in a long time, but I miss them all so much!

Though I was a solid 3-4 years younger than everyone, I felt included and a part of the group❤️💜❤️

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