About Me

Ashleigh Overlander

18 years old with a passion for travel and health! 

When I was 14 I went to Italy for a Biblical Arts study in San Lorenzo, in the province of Pordenone. This was my first trip without my family, and it sparked my interest in the world. 

Before that trip I saw the world as something you see in calendars or in art. It was so foreign to me, and once I saw  

Italy with my own eyes, I knew travel was my destination.

My family found out a few years ago that we had celiac disease, that was kind of a game changer for the whole family. We have always eaten more on the healthy side, but once we found that out we had to change everything about our eating habits. 

Since then I have been incredibly interested in health. In 2016 I applied to IIN (Institute For Integrative Nutrition)

I decided to combine what I have learned and am still learning about health with the world of travel. Helping others with Celiac navigate through the world, finding the safest places to eat when they travel.

As well as tell talk about other cultures and health related topics.