Wanderlust - Consumed by the need to travel

Why travel? Why not go to college, where you pay up the nose for a degree you might use. Then go out and find a 9/5 job that has no personal value to you,then settle down in one place that's convenient for your job?

That's what people do right? They settle? 

For some people, that might be what they want to do, I can't  comprehend why they want to when there is a world of opportunity and beauty to see, but hey, it's what makes the world go round right?

Live and Learn

I see travel as the chance to live freely and learn new things, long after you graduate school. 

When you travel you are immersed into a culture that is unlike anything you've lived 

My Family In Hawaii Over My Birthday

My Family In Kauai, Hawaii Over My Birthday

before - the language, food, use of colors, clothes, personalities, lifestyle, relationships- they're all different everywhere you go. 

Perhaps you go to Hawaii, like my family and I did, sure it's still in the U.S, but it felt like a completely different world. Everyone lives by the "ish time"  1-ish, 2-ish. It's laid back and everyone there is genuinely friendly! 

Where as here in cold, cold Minnesota most people keep to a directed time "1:30, don't be late." and if you don't know them they are minnesota nice, where they're friendly, but not in a "Oh, new person! Tell me all about you." but more of a "You're a new person and I don't want to seem rude."

Experience Commonalities Differently. 

Like hot chocolate for example!

When I was 14 I went to Italy ( it was my first time traveling without my family) and I ordered a Cioccolata Calda (hot chocolate) expecting to have ordered  a cup of American styled hot chocolate, when they came out with my order I was very confused. 

The 8 oz cup was filled to the top with rich, melted dark chocolate. It was amazing, but definitely not what I had thought it would be. 

In Italy, when you order a hot chocolate, you are literally ordering melted chocolate!

 It's kinda exciting to have that happen, you end up expanding your comfort zone by trying new versions of things, it tips your world a little bit. 

When you travel, try new things, see if there are similar things as the place you live, and if they're different DO IT! If they're the same, save it for later, you probably get enough of it at home.

Go skydiving, try driving in England, eat outlandishly different foods you've never heard of, go Spelunking in Greece.

If you go on a trip and do exactly the same thing that you do at home, you're not going to enjoy all the potential that that trip could offer.

Here you will find amazing ways to fulfill all the potential your trip has to offer, get inspiration for your next journey, learn about cultures and lifestyles around the world, how to make a living as a traveler!

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